Team building through storytelling

Conacc, short for Connected Accountants, is the result of a merger between two growth companies. “The best way to start a successful, personalised partnership is with a pleasant introduction”, we read on their website. So, when they asked us to organise a team-building event to help their newly-wed teams make a real connection, we took this creed literally and came up with a tailored speed date concept for everyone to share part of their story one-on-one. After the ice was broken, an enjoyable, accessible, and inclusive day ensued. Out of all the compliments received, one in particular stood out: “We will have to repeat this game with our old colleagues, because we now know more about our new colleagues than the people we have worked with for years!”

“It was a very lovely, special day that you all made sure went oh so well! Many thanks from the whole team! A valuable foundation has been created and we’ve got memories that will last forever!”

Nathalie Goossens,

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